Pianola Roll Lamp Shades

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Our Pianola light shades are created using genuine pianola music rolls - a brilliant example of up-cycling!

Firstly select your shade size and then choose your preferred base colour. After that you can select which composer/music you would like your shade to be handmade from - we certainly have plenty from which you can choose!  If a certain piece of music has a special memory for you, then why not have a shade made by us as a reminder!

All Pianola light shades can be used from a ceiling pendant or on a lamp base.

All pianola shades show the composer and piece of music on the bindings.

Pianola Roll Lamp Shade ~ 15cm x 30cm Drum

30cm x 30cm Drum Shade made using Pianola Music Rolls Purple front lit

Pianola Roll Lamp Shade ~ 30cm x 30cm Drum

Pianola Roll Lamp Shade

Pianola Roll Lamp Shade ~ 30cm x 30cm x 22cm Oval

Swatch Gallery

Lamp Shade Design Swatches, Lit and unlit photos. Click Here